Get a replica of your skull

Here is what I was thinking: you can get a digital 3D scan of your skull through a CAT/CT scan, which is essentially a series of 2D scans stacked one on top of the other. You can also print things in 3D these days, using one of various technologies available industrially.
Considering you can pay a company to sequence your own DNA for less than $500, why hasn’t anybody come up with a business plan to make a model of your own skull? After all, most dentists will let you keep the “model” of your teeth after they are done with the impression.

  • Christian McLaren

    I agree – any luck finding a company? I’d love to have one around the apartment as a reminder of my own mortality. #YOLO

  • Terry

    There was recently a tv programme shown in the UK called ‘Prehistoric Autopsy’.
    The presenter, Prof Alice Roberts showed a replica of her own skull.
    Although she didn’t explain how it was made it is evidence that it can be done.
    I would like to find out how and where and have my own made!

  • Toni Hooper

    Any updates on this subject I just tried scouring over the internet seeing if it was possible and no! I just wanna see what it looks like and it would be so cool just to have around! And what awesome story’s you could tell about how tlone got ahold of it!

  • Mac

    I was searching for this as well, when I came across your comments. There is a market for this for sure.

  • guy

    Me too — I thought I was first, but you guys thought of it 9 months before I did! 🙂

  • Tyler

    I’d consider getting one. If nothing else, it would be a fascinating look into my own anatomy.