I can translate from Italian, English, Spanish, Interlingua and possibly from French, Portuguese, Catalan and Esperanto (depending on the complexity) into Italian, English, Interlingua and possibly Spanish and Esperanto (depending on the complexity.)

The reason for the asymmetry is simple: I can understand French and Portuguese quite easily, but I’m not familiar enough with their subtleties to be able to produce guaranteed texts in such languages.

I have no problems with complex texts: in the past I translated a five-magazine-page scientific paper about genetic molecular engineering from English to Italian, and more recently I translated a forty-three-A4-page paper by a University teacher about the history of accounting in Medieval Florence from Italian to English; she presented it at a conference at the Cardiff Business School, where it was met with praise. For reference, you can find a copy of the final paper here.

My rates are based on the standard commercial page (1500 characters), as is the norm in Europe, and I charge in Euros due to accounting requirements. The up-to-date exchange rate can be found on

If you are interested, you can reach me by email at